Development of Turbo51

Free Pascal compiler for 8051

Here you can find some information about reported bugs and their status, planned and requested features (including specific features of particular 8051 derivatives) and other relevant information on Turbo51 development.

Reported bugs
5 Typed constant pointer declaration in some cases generates Internal error Fix in next release
4 Wrong optimization in some rare cases due to register not marked as live Fix in next release
3 Overflow in arithmetic operation reported in some rare occasions FIXED in
2 Wrong stack size reported when no IDATA memory present FIXED in
1 Unreachable RET/RETI at the end of assembler procedure is not eliminated FIXED in

Planned features
7 Code size known at compile time planned
6 Compiler directive $REGION DONE in
5 Code banking support planned
4 Generated assembler source compatible with some real assembler planned
3 Import of OMF-51 object files planned
2 Various calling conventions (needed to call imported procedures) planned
1 Generation of OMF-51 object files DONE in

Requested features
5 Support for unit source file extensions other than 'pas' DONE in
4 Solution for program CODE start at address different than $0000 DONE in
3 Solution for Cypress AN21xx interrupt autovectors DONE in
2 Placing procedure at specified address DONE in
1 Use of AJMP and ACALL for small devices (2K) DONE in
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