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OMF-51 Object Module Format

Created on 31 July 2011. Posted in Documentation

... Linkage Symbolic Debugging Compatibility RUPI (And other MCS-51 members) Support OBJECT FILE STRUCTURE RECORD FORMATS Notation Module Header Record Module End Record Definition Records Segment ...

8051 IP Cores

Created on 31 July 2011. Posted in Documentation

... debugging is realized through the proprietary EASE-8051 solution. The Dhrystone2.1 benchmark score for the R8051XC2 shows speed improvement from 9.4 to 12.1 over the Intel 80c51 at the same frequency, ...

8051 Microcontroller

Created on 31 July 2011. Posted in Documentation

... and timers, in-circuit debugging facilities, more interrupt sources, and extra power saving modes.  ...

Turbo51 Command Line Syntax

Created on 30 July 2011. Posted in Documentation

... extended OMF-51 file (needed for source-level debugging) -Q Quiet compile -S Syntax check -T L51/CFG directory -U Unit file directories -$ Command line compiler ...

Turbo51 - Pascal compiler for 8051 microcontrollers

Created on 22 July 2011. Posted in Uncategorised

... formats: BIN, HEX, OMF Assembler source code generation Source-level debugging with absolute OMF-51 extended object file   Used optimizations: Constant folding Integer arithmetic ...
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